Sleeping Health

By investigating the general arrangement of daily life of young people, such as work, party, personal entertainment, study, sleep and rest. The summary on the dashboard shows what you are doing every day and how much time you need to rest and sleep.
Key Performances
Sleeping time and waking time
Ambient noise
Room environment and smell
Young adults aged 25-35, Young people who have just graduated from college and entered the social workplace. Face daily work and family life. You need a dashboard to understand your sleep time and life health management.
The Target Audience
Style Guide
I hope to present a concise and clean interface for this part, which can bring people a feeling of health. In addition, easy to read fonts, reasonable layout, and clear icon design are also very important. By utilizing some distinctive color modules, different data contents and functional areas can be highlighted.
Final Prototype
After logging in, users can view all the information about their sleep situation on the homepage. By clicking on the relevant option buttons, they can enter the corresponding detailed data page.
Launch Prototype